STAR - 面試或是Personal Statement的準備模板

我在2017年參加McKinsey Insight Program – Asia Pacific,在準備面試的時候,從商學院的朋友那邊學來的面試技巧-STAR,後來我也成功錄取了麥肯錫的活動,我覺得STAR不只能用回答面試問題,也可以用來整理自己過去所做的事情寫進自己的Personal Statement或是Statement of Purpose,因此在這邊跟大家分享,希望能給各位在準備申請材料以及未來準備面試有所幫助!

STAR 是一個template,用來簡述你遇到甚麼事情 (Situation) ?目標是甚麼 (Task) ?做了甚麼事情 (Action) ?結果如何 (Result) ?下面是我節錄自網路上的STAR介紹 ( 。

Situation — Explain what the issue is.

  • What is the problem?
  • What needs to be accomplished?
  • What restrictions are present?
  • What outcomes are expected?

Task — Describe the responsibilities needed.

  • What needs to be done?
  • Who needs to be doing these things?
  • How soon do they need to be done?

Action — Describe the steps that need to take place.

  • Describe the actions you took to address the situation with an appropriate amount of detail and keep the focus on YOU.
  • What specific steps did you take?
  • What was your particular contribution?

Result — Describe the end result .

  • The outcome of your action.
  • What did you accomplish?
  • What did you learn?
    *The response/comments of the team or the supervisor.

我在準備面試的時候,將自己列在履歷上的經歷套用STAR的模板以條列式的方式簡述自己的故事。如果面試官問到我某段經歷,我就能以事前準備好的STAR的方式描述自己所做的事情。以下我用麥肯錫的Engagement Manager問我的問題以及我的回覆作例子 (憑印象打下當初的outline,有些細節被省略):

Q: Give me an example or accomplishment to show your leadership/entrepreneurship during your graduate study:

I was a president of Berkeley Association of Taiwanese Students (BATS) in 2014. I noticed more and more Taiwanese students were looking for jobs or interns. However, it was not easy for the freshmen.

I wanted to build the bridge for our Berkeley Taiwanese students and experienced Taiwanese that worked in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley).

I reached out to the president of Taiwanese American Industrial Technology Association and proposed to host a networking event that young students have the opportunity to meet up with industrial people.

There were 100+ students from Berkeley and Stanford, people from different industries attended this event. Many students received suggestions in job searching and preparation. Two organization continued the communication afterwards.

雖然我被問的問題不是講述自己研究經歷,所以可能不完全是一個好的SOP例子,但如果將STAR套用講述自己的研究或是工作經歷也是很容易的,例如你被分派了甚麼研究主題? 你遇到的問題瓶頸是甚麼? 你的最終目標為何? 於是你採取甚麼的方法來完成? 最後成果是如何? 相信這個模板依然適用。



我想補充的是我在學校的時候所學到的面試方法叫做 C.A.R. - Challenge, Action, Result。
原則上 CAR 和 STAR 差別不大。